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This isn't cute anymore:

I’m 31, the new 30 and I’m closer to my goal than when I started this blog. Now I’m trying to stay on the path that will get me healthy and on the other side of the clothing store. I’ve had my revenge moments and they felt great. Now I’m ready for more of those great moments, maybe this year I’ll propel down something, who knows. But I’m held back by 40 less things.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

T minus 37

My knee is better and I’m really considering doing the turkey trot, even if I walk most of it I think I should be fine, right? I'm just not comfortable with not doing this, but I want to listen to my body. I’ll have to put my knee on the list of things to talk about at my physical on the 2nd. So far eating has been less than stellar, my department ordered breakfast since we’re here and it’s the day before a national holiday. So many comments to be made, but I enjoy have 2 days off and seeing family I haven’t seen in a while and not getting small pox.

I know my tone hasn't been the perkiest, but I have not given up the good fight. I'm still in it, just not whole heartily at the moment. I've takem a few hits is all. But I'm coming back with giving away my fat jeans because they slide off without unbuttoning and my pink coat swallows me.


Seems as though I will not be running tomorrow or walking. In all the excitement of doing the race I failed to actually sign up for the race. I'm a weird mix of relieved and dissapointed. I will just think that someone is watching out for me, making sure I don't screw myself up anymore...there's a 12/31 afternoon 5K.


  1. Be careful with that knee! I have to tell you, as someone who is still recovering from a broken ankle, that the more pressure you put on yourself when you're in pain, the worse you're going to get. When I broke my ankle in 2 places, I was absolutely sure that it was sprained and I tried to walk, which ended up displacing it and making the break twice as complicated as it should have been. I'm sure nothing that serious is wrong with your knee, but if it's telling you no (which my ankle was), listen to it! Orthopedics is very complicated and unless you're an orthopedic doctor with an x-ray, you don't know what's going on. So please be careful! The turkey trot will be around again next year, so I wouldn't risk anything.

  2. I will listen to you, my knee and the universe and hang that empty frame for imspiration. Still learning to not be hard headed.