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I’m 31, the new 30 and I’m closer to my goal than when I started this blog. Now I’m trying to stay on the path that will get me healthy and on the other side of the clothing store. I’ve had my revenge moments and they felt great. Now I’m ready for more of those great moments, maybe this year I’ll propel down something, who knows. But I’m held back by 40 less things.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A duce and a quarter – T minus 99

So, I’m loving having my homemade egg mcmuffins. A quarter cup egg whites with a 1 tablespoon of chopped sautéed (in Pam) mixed in, I put it in a round metal cookie cutter. 1 double fiber honey wheat English muffin and the spread is the laughing cheese light swiss, way better than mayo. That’s how I start my day and I have my snacks of fruit, although next week I will try mix it up with some celery sticks and cucumbers.

I think I’m getting back to awesome me. I woke up this morning thinking, what am I going to wear to the gym today, god I hope I have clean gym clothes. This afternoon there was boxing with Lonnie. He’s the guy I’ve seen training with the weight vest, crazy, just crazy. So he had us warm up with jump ropes. There’s something embarrassing and humbling about not being able to jump rope, the concept is easy peasy, the execution not so much. What hurts more than the sting of that plastic cord that snaps on your sweaty body part is the memory of not being able to jump double dutch because you couldn’t turn because you were double handed. If only I wasn’t double handed I would be so much better at this rope jumping.

The drills are really what I love hate. I shall do my best to describe this fantastical torture adventure I went on while people ordered Wendy’s and ate it in their cars outside my gym. Seriously, every time I park it’s next to someone eating Wendy’s alone in their car. It makes me sad and jealous, but more sad because I’ve been there. Okay so this drill. Suicides with 4 stations, your home is 1, so you run to 2 then 1 then 3 then 1 then 4 then back to one and that was consider 1 completion and we did that for an eternity. The next drill, we start off with 15 pushups then the suicides and that was 1 completion. The next one replaced the pushups with 5 points which is a burpee with a pushup and the next one replaced the 5 points with power squats with weights. At this point I have hated Lonnie more times than I’ve done completions, but also noted that this is one hell of a work out. So the last set is where it’s just a you want me to do what now moment. Start at home, run to 2, do 10 pushups (yay that’s 5 less than before!) run back to 1, run to 3, do 10 or 5 5 points (I got stupid after the second set of this, so forgive me) then run back to 1 then to 4 and do 10 power squats (yay, no weights, it really was like jumping for joy). The back of my shirt was soaked. And then we put on gloves and did some work on the heavy bag with spurts of mountain climbers, sit ups and pushups. Lonnie’s class might be the reason there’s a bit of definition in my shoulder. There’s going to be a fight night, but I’m pretty sure I have a birthday or wedding thing to go to.

Tomorrow’s the race and it seems that one friend is committed to doing it and the other, well, I’m not so sure. I was already told not to work out before the race, but I also want to work out everyday for the last 100 days of the year left.


  1. Great to see you pumped with the workouts again. Umm...a race IS a workout. It counts. You're doing great. Keep going....

  2. WOW! What a workout. It sounds so fun.

  3. It's really fun when it's over and the sweat is pouring off of you.