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I’m 31, the new 30 and I’m closer to my goal than when I started this blog. Now I’m trying to stay on the path that will get me healthy and on the other side of the clothing store. I’ve had my revenge moments and they felt great. Now I’m ready for more of those great moments, maybe this year I’ll propel down something, who knows. But I’m held back by 40 less things.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maybe I’m just tired

But I have been struggling through my workouts. It’s like the spark is gone, but I know I still want it. I feel like I’m fighting my body and mind on this sometimes. How do you deal with these emotional lulls? I’m going to start with a 10pm bedtime this evening.

I think my disappointments of not fitting into that goal dress for next week and missing 2 consecutive month end weight loss goals have gotten me down. Perhaps this is my plateau and my mind just wasn’t in the game. I gained some weight and am at 230.5 and it bothers me I can’t get in the 22X and stay there. If only life didn’t get in the way I think I would have been fine, but long weekends happen, parties happen and it’s all in how you deal with them.

I feel like I’ve lost sight of my goals, but I know what they are. I’ve done a great job thus far. My pile of clothes that are too big is steadily growing. I’m wearing my clothes from the last time I went down this road and they are baggy, so I know I’ve come further this time and the right way.
I will make smaller goals to keep myself motivated. I will wear the first goal dress at the next wedding and save the purple dress for my birthday, for which I hope to be in onesville meaning that dress should bloody well fit!.
Goal #1 is to be in the 22X by July 31, I will weigh myself on Saturday, which means a Saturday workout – it can be done! I think I can lose .6 pounds by then.

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