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This isn't cute anymore:

I’m 31, the new 30 and I’m closer to my goal than when I started this blog. Now I’m trying to stay on the path that will get me healthy and on the other side of the clothing store. I’ve had my revenge moments and they felt great. Now I’m ready for more of those great moments, maybe this year I’ll propel down something, who knows. But I’m held back by 40 less things.

Monday, October 4, 2010

T minus 89

I'm blogging because for the last hour I've been thinking about going straight home and just calling it a night. I've been out of the office all day and I have work that will keep me busy until well past the 7:45 class, but I know I just need to rally. I've had entirely too much random un recorded junk to even think I can get out of this day without moving my body and I still owe Miss H a weigh in. The good news is the class is kickboxing which we haven't had in a while and with my favorite teacher, Mikey. I know I’m going to be fine once I get in there and I’ll enjoy myself and wonder why I’m being such a baby right now.

So without further hesitation I'm going to change for class and just do it!

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